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ELLIOTT Business Software 2017 Conference Recap

The 2017 Elliott Conference has concluded. We would like to thank all our attendees for their participation in this year's event.

The 2017 Elliott Conference showcased Elliott Version 8.2, PDF Printing, PostOffice, new EDI integration with SPS Commerce, Payment Portal, and more.

Elliott Accounting Software News

Our attendees were able to see some of the new features of Version 8.2 demonstrated during the conference. The major features of Elliott Version 8.2 are PDF Printing and PostOffice.

Elliott Version 8.2 supports the printing to PDF file natively, so you don't need to manually install third-party PDF software on each workstation. It also provides a great feature called PostOffice, which allows you to print invoices, statements, order acknowledgements, order quotes, and purchase orders to PDF format and automate the process of emailing or faxing to your customers or vendors.

Elliott Version 9 was briefly previewed at the event. Version 9 represents a major change from a database standpoint. We are increasing field sizes throughout the system and, as a result, the database structure will be normalized. Click on the Version 9 link to learn more.

If you wish to download and view the 2017 Elliott Conference notes (PPT slides), click on the link below:

2017 Elliott Notes (PPT Slides)

We are excited about Elliott's future direction. We are committed to protecting our users' investment in Elliott by continuing to add new features to help improve their business process. Elliott Business Software is a complete and powerful ERP solution that can help businesses of any size achieve success.

Thank you to all our attendees and conference sponsors for your continued support and helping to make this year's event a huge success!

f you have any feedback regarding our Elliott 2017 End-user Conference, contact us at 888-595-3818, ext. 109 or e-mail us at

2017 Elliott Conference Sponsors:

Actian PSQL Database Management
Starship Shipping Manifest / V-Technologies, LLC
Cybermac Software

We look forward to seeing everyone at our next Elliott Conference in 2018!