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Elliott Electronic Data Interchange - EDI Solution

If you you need an EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) solution, you do not have to look any further. Elliott is integrated with Liaison Technologies Inc.'s EDI software and offers a fully automated EDI solution that will handle all your trading partners' EDI requirements. It is the perfect EDI solution for ELLIOTT Business Software users.

Liaison Technologies Inc.'s EDI Solution integrates with Elliott Business Software through the Sales Order Import and Sales Order Export Utilities. Take a look at your choices for scalable EDI Solutions:


ECS is a Windows-based desktop EDI application that enables you to electronically create and exchange such business documents as purchase orders (850), invoices (810), and advance shipping notices (856) with your trading partners. It adds another layer of sophistication with security, advanced document tracking, event driven document management, trading partner management, and multiple mailbox support.

Comes with SQL Express pre-packaged
Automated integration
Proactive notification service (Watch Dog Actions and Alerts)
Management Reports
Total data management


If you are looking for a fully integrated EDI operation, Delta Standard is the perfect complement to ECS Standard and Lite solutions. Delta is a data mapper that translates EDI documents into flat files (NETcellent will provide the mapping for ELLIOTT Sales Order Import and Export). Delta will also translate EDI documents into databases or XML documents - and vice versa.

If you would like to learn more about Liaison Technologies Inc.'s EDI solution, visit their website for in depth product descriptions and even an opportunity to demo their product online! Or contact our sales department for additional information at 888-595-3818.