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Pervasive PSQL DBMS For
Elliott Business Software
  Pervasive PSQL

Pervasive PSQL database management system (DBMS) offers Elliott Business Software users a cost effective, low maintenance, very stable, and high performance database engine that works at both the transaction and relational level. Pervasive PSQL can be obtained directly from NETcellent System, Inc for use with Elliott Business Software.

Pervasive PSQL offers enhanced encryption, a unified security model, a unified database and operating system access control, and is fully backward compatible with existing applications. PSQL also offers local workstation caching, which will improve the performance of Elliott Business Software. Furthermore, the ODBC and OLEDB driver from PSQL will open the Elliott database to the Internet and make Elliott a true open database application.

To learn more about Pervasive PSQL database management system, click on the link below.

About Pervasive PSQL

Pervasive PSQL v12

PSQL v12 is the latest DBMS product offering. This release builds upon the powerful database functions of previous PSQL versions.

Database Defragmentation

One of the new features of v12 is the database defragmentation. When you purge your data within Elliott, PSQL v12 will automatically defrag your Elliott data file. This is will enhance your data access performance.


PSQL v12 simplified the product license authorization process. This significant change will reduce technical support efforts for both Elliott users and NETcellent System, Inc.

PSQL v12 product authorization now uses simply the workstation name for all PSQL editions. This allows for greater hardware and configuration changes without invalidating the PSQL license.

PSQL Vx Server v12 licensing now counts only open files (data in use) and no longer measures sessions. This change makes it easier to determine capacity requirements for PSQL Vx Server. In addition, PSQL v12 Vx Server no longer requires Internet connectivity to maintain a valid product key after the product is authorized. This change allows you to authorize your Vx Server once and then operate within a secure environment (i.e. firewall).

Virtual Machine (VM) Live Migration

VM live migration is now available in all PSQL editions. In previous PSQL versions, live migration was only supported by Vx Server edition.

PSQL v12 Feature Highlights:

Database Defragmentation
Unicode Support for Globalization
SDK Access Methods
Actian Analytics Platform for PSQL
Wait Lock Timeouts

Learn about the new PSQL v12 features and more..

PSQL v12 is the ideal database management system for Elliott Business Software users.

Running Elliott with PSQL v12

To utilize PSQL v12, you must run Elliott v7.5 or Version 8. Any Elliott user who purchased PSQL v11, v10, v9, v8, v7, or 2000i from another source, can purchase the upgrade to PSQL v12 through NETcellent System, Inc.

* PSQL v12 will not support Windows XP and Windows 2003. You will need to run Windows 7 or higher operating systems. Your Windows server needs to be 2008 or higher.

Running Elliott with Older Versions of PSQL

Elliott Version 8 - In addition to PSQL v12, Elliott Version 8 will run with PSQL v11. Elliott Version 8 does not support PSQL v10 and lower versions.

Elliott v7.5 - In addition to PSQL v12, Elliott v7.5 will run with PSQL v10 or v11. Elliott v7.5 does not support PSQL v9 and lower versions.

Elliott v7.4 can run with PSQL 2000i, v8, v9, v10, or v11. Elliott v7.4 does not support PSQL v12. Although Elliott v7.4 will work with PSQL 2000i, v8, v9, and v10, these older PSQL versions are no longer offered and supported by NETcellent. We highly recommend uprading to the latest Elliott and PSQL versions.

If you have any questions, or need to purchase Pervasive PSQL, contact NETcellent System, Inc. at 888-595-3818. You can also email us at

We reserve the right to discontinue support on any product. We will usually give advance notification to give users some transition time.